Google Bard Release Date and Launch Details

The latest conversational chatbot by Google, Bard, has been one of the most anticipated chatbots in the market. Bard has been compared to OpenAI’s infamous ChatGPT, as both are conversation chatbots. But unlike ChatGPT, Bard does have an additional advantage, as it can access information from the web. This has raised questions regarding Google Bard Release Date, is it Public? And when can the public try Bard? 

In this article, we are going to answer all these questions. In addition, when can we expect the release date of Google Bard to the public? Let’s explore what we can expect from this exciting launch.

Is Google Bard Released?

No, Google Bard is not yet released to the public. It was launched on 6th February, when google announced Bard AI chatbot will be released to the public in the coming weeks. Google Bard AI is in the initial stage, therefore, it’s only accessible to selected beta testers. 

So, if you are a selected beta tester then you can access Bard by opening your google app on your device. Tap on the Chatbot icon, enter your prompt and that’s it, you can now begin testing Bard AI. You can ask questions, chat, raise a request, and more. 

But if you are not a selected beta tester, then you have to wait for a few more weeks until Bard AI is released to the public. 

What is Google Bard Release Date?

Bard AI was launched on February 6th, when it was announced Bard AI chatbot will be released to the public in the next few coming weeks. For now, it’s unclear what the exact release date is as google only stated “coming weeks.”

Though a delay can be expected due to the factual error that occurred shortly after the launch of Bard AI. Demo GIF shared on Twitter by Google, Bard AI was seen releasing an incorrect answer to a question about James Webb Space Telescope. 

This incorrect information raised questions regarding the accuracy and reliability of the tool. It resulted in a major downfall, as Google’s parent company “Alphabet” faced a decline of $100 billion in its market value. 

Is Google Bard Public Now?

No, Google Bard is not public right now. Bard AI is currently only accessible for testers as it’s still in its initial stage. However, we can expect Google’s Bard AI to be released to the public in the coming weeks, quoted by Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai. 

Update: As expected, Google has launched the Early Access to Google Bard, read the news here.

Though by the coming weeks, we can expect a release or prior information regarding Bard AI at the start of March. However, the release’s expected to be delayed considering the factual errors in the demo video released by Google

As the spokesperson of Google stated, “The factual error raised the importance of a rigorous testing process. Something they are kicking off from this week onwards along with our Trusted tester program.” So, it’s possible the release date might be pushed further. 

When Will Google’s Bard AI Be Released to the Public?

There isn’t a specific date initiated by Google regarding the release of Bard AI to the public. Since the chatbot is still in its testing phase. 

However, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, quoted, “Bard AI will be released to the public in the coming weeks.” So, we can’t say exactly when, but we can assume by the coming weeks, it will be around the beginning or mid of March. 

Can We Try Google Bard AI?

No, Google Bard is not accessible to the public right now. Google has only provided access to Bard AI to a few Beta testers (who were selected by google to test the functionality of the AI chatbot, and they provide feedback to google to improve their performance). So, if you are a selected beta tester, then you can access Bard AI by following these steps: 

  • Open Google App on your device
  • Click on the chatbot icon 
  • Set your prompt or request 

You’re done. Now, you can start testing Google’s Bard AI. You can ask various questions, begin a conversation with the chatbot, or place any request. Since Bard AI does have access to the interaction, you can even ask questions regarding the latest events. However, you should note this is only for those beta testers selected by Google, not the public. 


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